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As a Personal Support Worker at Woodingford Lodge, Jillian is responsible for delivering consistent, quality care to residents. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jillian to discuss how she leverages SparxConnect to enhance the care experience for her residents and their families.

Jillian, PSW at Woodingford Lodge


"SparxConnect makes a difference, not only for residents and their families but for the staff as well – it truly brightens our day".

- Jillian, Personal Support Worker at Woodingford Lodge

Q: How often in a week do you use SparxConnect?

A: “I try to use SparxConnect during every shift. It is very easy to access using the tablets that we have in our facility. I generally send photos and videos to families through the app 3-4 times per week.”

Q: What do you and your colleagues typically use SparxConnect for? 

A: We really like to share photos and videos of the residents smiling and having a good time. One night in particular, we were able to capture a video of a resident who was dancing with some staff members to music in the lounge. Being able to share moments like these with families, is really special.”

Q: Have you tried window visits or video calls to keep residents connected with their families?

A: “We have Zoom calls and window visits, but it is difficult for residents to grasp the concept of seeing their families through a window or video call. It can be hard for them to communicate and is even harder for us to coordinate a time that works best for the resident. Even back when families could visit in person, those visits were not always pleasant, as a resident could be having an off day or sleeping. With SparxConnect, we can share the moments they sometimes miss when their loved ones are smiling, dancing, or just sitting outside enjoying the sun. It’s so good for the families to see.”

Q: How did families react to SparxConnect?

A: “The feedback from families has been so positive – they can log in and see their Mom or Dad in their everyday setting, just having breakfast, or sitting outside. They can see that Mom and Dad are having a good day. We get comments on our posts like “it’s so nice to see Mom up and happy." SparxConnect is like Facebook but just for Woodingford Lodge. It is particularly great for families that live elsewhere and can’t always come to visit. One resident has a granddaughter who lives in British Columbia, and she took a video of herself and her dogs singing happy birthday to our resident on the SparxConnect app. It was so nice to see her being involved, even though she lives so far away. Giving families not only the ability to see our posts but to also comment and post their own videos and pictures – this is huge.”

Q: Do you use any other software or technology? If so, how does it differ from SparxConnect?

A: “Yes we document notes about resident care in computers in the hallways. The difference that I see is we use the computers to document, and we use SparxConnect to interact. The ability for us to share little moments that happen with our residents during the day with families, and get immediate feedback on the value of those little updates means a lot.”

Q: How does SparxConnect make a difference in your day? 

A: “As a Personal Support Worker, we provide a lot of the routine care to residents such as the activities of daily living, but it is also nice to have more of that personal interaction with our residents where we get to sit with them and try to get them to smile, or laugh, or make a video with them, even dance. So, to answer your question, SparxConnect is very positive for the staff as well, we have fun with it. Thank you so much for this because it truly brightens up our day!”

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