Empower your caregivers and deepen trust with your clients and families

When caregivers are given what they need to excel at their jobs, then everyone benefits. SparxConnect makes it easy for care teams to consult, communicate, and collaborate with each other and most importantly, with the people at the heart of the care experience: clients and their families. 

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"SparxConnect is the tool that empowers our caregivers with the pertinent information they need to deliver exceptional care."

- Sandi Heintz, CEO and Franchise Owner, Right at Home Northwest Houston



Keep staff and families informed with quick-in-the-moment chat, video meetings, care journal entries, and shared daily agendas, on a centralized, HIPAA-compliant platform.



Invite family members, caregivers, and community partners to not only view information but actively participate in defining the care experience. 




Give caregivers a way to be acknowledged by families, leadership, and peers for the personal and exceptional care they deliver each and every day.

The platform that gives your team an easy way to deliver a personalized care experience

Prepare caregivers to confidently deliver person-centered care

Provide caregivers with an easy way to access insights, tools, and support.

  • Provide families with a digital album to share photos, videos, and notes about their loved one's life, interests, and preferences
  • Encourage families to continue to share tips and feedback that will help your caregivers to shine with each client
  • Update your team in real-time regarding shift changes or evolving client needs
  • Provide a central destination for your caregivers to access training, ask questions, and share advice

21.09.01 - Empower Caregivers

Shorten the distance between the office and the team

Shorten the distance between the office staff and caregivers

Amplify your team's potential by increasing the ways you can support them:

  • Share tips, insights, and tactics that will help caregivers deepen trust with clients
  • Identify and recognize examples of exceptional performance
  • Track and measure the value of resources shared to know what is having an impact
  • Keep everyone in the loop about client wellness with multi-directional communication

Deepen client relationships and stand out from the competition

Offer a highly responsive and personalized approach to care delivery: 

  • Delight family members with meaningful wellness updates that instill ongoing confidence in the quality of care you provide
  • Enable families and caregivers a way to express gratitude and acknowledge each other's contributions
  • Gather feedback on what matters most to clients and their families and share insights with the care team

Deepen trust between caregivers and families

21.11.19 - Streamline Communications

Streamline communications amongst the full care team

Provide a secure dedicated space where your team can:

  • Efficiently connect with clients and their extended care network for real-time collaboration and support
  • Securely communicate with families with full visibility to the office
  • Respond and adapt to changing circumstances such as new care requirements, schedule changes, and more
  • Eliminate the need for a binder by sharing notes, insights, and updates that don't have a place in your EMR

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Exceptional is possible

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