Personalize the care experience for residents and their families

With the SparxConnect cloud-based platform your staff can demonstrate their commitment to resident wellness and bring peace of mind to families — while your organization can measure and learn the value of family engagement.

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SparxConnect impact at a glance

% Adoption rate by staff in 1 month

% Reduction in Non-Emergent Calls

Give families the ongoing peace of mind they're looking for

Let families know that today was a good day:
  • Easily coordinate schedules and include links to video visits
  • Keep everyone in the loop about resident wellness with multi-directional communication
  • Share videos, photos, and messages that will mean the world and be viewed over and over
  • Give families a way to meaningfully acknowledge the great work done by the care team

Give families the peace of mind they're looking for

PointClickCare Partner

"Our integration with PointClickCare is as thoughtfully designed as every other aspect of the SparxConnect platform."

- Mary Pat Hinton, CEO of Emmetros

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Exceptional person-centered care begins with exceptional insights

Exceptional person-centered care begins with exceptional insights

With SparxConnect, learn what matters most to each resident:
  • Be the reason they experience calm during difficult times with loving video messages, memories, music, and insights shared by family
  • Give families an ongoing digital way to share details that personalize care planning activities
  • Give staff a quick and easy way to make every resident feel special - even if it's the first time they've met

Stay Connected

"SparxConnect is a great new program to stay connected with your loved ones."

- Sarah Fox, Director of Wellness at St. Crispin Living Community

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Onboard, integrate, collaborate

Give people who know a way to support the people who don't:
  • Offer your team a secure way to share insights and ideas behind-the-scenes that will increase care continuity
  • With your permission, give non-staff caregivers a way to share updates and keep your team in the loop
  • Share helpful resources and know they've been viewed
  • Set new team members up for success right from day one 

Onboard, integrate, collaborate


Exceptional care experiences begin with exceptional insights

“What do you want the people who care for you to know about you?”

Knowing what matters most has the power to transform relationships between the people who provide care and the people who receive it.

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You're not alone. We'll partner with you every step of the way to build a staff and family engagement program that delivers the results you care about. From implementation to ongoing support, we'll share our residential care expertise to help you get the most out of SparxConnect.

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Exceptional is possible

If you want to learn more about personalizing the care experience for your residents and their families, let's talk.

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