Empowering person-centered care experiences

Put the person at the center of their care journey with SparxConnect, the flexible engagement and collaboration platform for delivering personalized care. Discover a better way to provide step-by-step support and boost collaboration across care networks, all while optimizing time and resources.
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Building connections and improving outcomes. Every day. 

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Helping busy care teams create happier journeys

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Home Page_Home Care

Home Care

Empower your home care office and frontline staff to become trusted partners by delivering a personalized care journey for clients and their families.


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Home Page - Residential Care

Residential Care

Transform the care experience for residents, their families, and the care team through personalized communication and collaboration.


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Home Page_Patient Care

Patient Care

Set your surgical patients and their families up for success with a personalized end-to-end episode of care that optimizes time for the care team. 


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The SparxConnect Platform

A powerful platform for person-centered care

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Inclusive collaboration

Person-centered care circles boost inclusion by bringing family, caregivers, and your team together.


Customize the experience

A fully open, flexible platform lets you personalize content and app use to meet users' needs.


Enhance communication and collaboration

A suite of apps, including a social feed, multi-person chat, surveys, care journals, and content libraries, helps you keep information connected and flowing.

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Maximize adoption

Intuitive pathways purpose-built for people of all ages and abilities, a mobile-first design experience, and a quick implementation means higher adoption rates and less work for your team.


Unlock better insights

Built-in data analytics and robust survey capabilities provide actionable insights that help identify opportunities and improve overall performance.


Keep data secure

HIPAA and PHIPA compliance protects your data, while ensuring you maintain full ownership and control.

Partnership that sets you up for success

You're in good hands with ongoing support that begins with experienced implementation and carries through to services that help you make the most of your solution.
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Innovative care partners making an impact with SparxConnect

Joy Birch - Highview Residences

"SparxConnect is an excellent opportunity to improve quality of life for our residents ... I cannot tell you how happy we are."

Joy Birch, Chief Operating Officer at Highview Residences
Kait Carnegie - Highview Residences

"SparxConnect keeps me, my families, and the residents all connected through one simple resource."

Kait Carnegie, Activation Coordinator at Highview Residences
Mark Dager - Woodingford Lodge

"SparxConnect is a clear example of how knowing what matters most can help alleviate concerns." 

Mark Dager, Director of Long-Term Care at Woodingford Lodges
Kelley Stewart - BrightCare

“We are so excited for our clients & their families - they are going to love this! As a matter of fact, one of our newest families said that a deciding factor for choosing ExcellCare was our new family portal powered by SparxConnect!"

Kelley Stewart, Director of Operations at ExcellCare
Tina Gray - Woodingford Lodge

“The families are so relieved to have a communication tool during these hard times of being separated. Thank you!”

Tina Gray, Family Transition Program Coordinator at Woodingford Lodges

Exceptional is possible

Ready to make delightful, personalized care an everyday experience for your team and the people you help?

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