for Transitional Care

Simplify transitions between any two points on the continuum of care.

Well-supported and well-coordinated transitional care leads to faster recovery, decreased hospital LOS, reduced re-admissions, and increased peace of mind for patients, families, and staff. 

Support transitions from hospital to home
Provide a smooth and well-supported experience:
  • Coordinate appointments using a shared calendar that anyone can update
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by keeping all stakeholders in the loop as plans change
  • Share helpful tips, resources, and insights with those who need to know
  • Provide patients and families ongoing peace of mind 
  • Our unique and highly secure architecture allows you to include hospital coordinators and care practitioners in transition-related communications, which ensures greater care quality continuity

Transition from hospital to home

Well-supported and well-coordinated transitions increase peace of mind for patients, families, and staff.

Support transitions into residential care

Support transitions into residential care
With SparxConnect, ease anxieties associated with moving into a care community and make the transition a positive one:
  • Personalize your team's approach from the very first meeting with access to life and preference details shared by families
  • Give the team a way to share updates and loving messages from families that bring comfort to residents 
  • Provide families with the ongoing peace of mind they seek with regular updates on resident wellness 

Well-supported and well-coordinated transitions help improve PROMs and PREMs

Enhance the end-to-end patient experience

Enhance the end-to-end patient experience
Improve patient reported outcomes and experiences with well-supported transitions from the beginning to the end of the care experience:
  • Guide patients before, during, and after hospitalization
  • Share personalized tips, resources, and strategies that help improve care outcomes
  • Extend the value of your EMR with a place to share notes and updates that don't have a place in your operations platform
  • Bring patients and families peace of mind knowing they are well-supported

Seamless transitions ensure patients are provided with the resources and supports they need to reduce the likelihood of readmission.

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