About us

Our story

A deeply personal journey

In 2014, Mary Pat Hinton left her corporate leadership role to pursue her heart-work by launching Emmetros. Driven by a commitment to honor her late grandmother, Mary Pat set out to create technology that prioritizes the independence and dignity of the person receiving care.

Our first product

As passionate and accomplished technology leaders joined the team, our first product MemorySparx One was born. Carefully crafted with direct guidance from individuals living with dementia and the people in their care team, MemorySparx One became MemorySparx Connect, a platform to connect people and organizations who share the common goal of providing exceptional person-centred care experiences. With the potential to serve a greater number of people across the continuum of care, MemorySparx Connect evolved into SparxConnect. 

Our growth and funding

Like-minded investors and innovative care teams were quick to see the value in a well-designed collaboration tool that supports exceptional person-centered care. Since 2017, Emmetros has received over 7 million dollars in angel investment to support our vision and our customer base continues to grow in Canada and the USA.