At the heart of a personalized experience is knowing what matters most to people, and the only way to really know what matters to someone is to ask, to listen to their answer, and to thoughtfully consider what they've shared. 

The best healthcare service providers then take those insights and adapt their approach based on that feedback.

That, in a nutshell, is what personalization of the care experience is all about.

And for busy home and healthcare providers, the most elegant way to accomplish this goal is through a tool that allows you to ask those questions at a time that's convenient for you, and for you to have quick and easy access to those answers as they come in. There is no simpler way to know if you're hitting the mark with patients and families and staff and to let them know you care, than by asking them a few quick questions.

We know that the ability to do this in a HIPAA-compliant way that's both flexible and easy to use will be a game changer for many home and healthcare providers. Which is why we are thrilled to announce Surveys, the latest application within the SparxConnect platform. 

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Why is our Survey tool "just right" for care providers?

We do our research! When we decided to build our own, we didn't set out to create a me-too product. We know that the people in the office who want to use survey apps to get feedback don't have the time to learn a complex tool. They need flexibility and simplicity.

Here are the attributes that our customers asked for:

  • A fully integrated experience aka a "one-stop-shop": No need to pay, or sign in to another standalone app, our Surveys tool is fully integrated into the SparxConnect platform. Create, publish, send reminders, and track results from the same platform you use to communicate and collaborate.
  • Full functionality on any device: For busy on-the-go admins, staff, patients, and clients, all features are 100% accessible from any device, including mobile phones. Unlike other platforms, the phone and tablet experience — even for admins — is beautifully designed and fully functional. 
  • No Limitations: To keep things simple, we don't limit the number of surveys created per month, the number of questions asked, and the types of people who can respond — this includes staff, patients, families, and even community partners! 
  • Highly flexible: You have full control over survey questions asked and parameters such as anonymity, timing, reminders, and more. You can also re-run survey sessions and include photos, videos, and links in both survey questions and responses.
  • Collect feedback in real-time: As the Survey responses roll in, the results are summarized and intuitively presented in real-time. With this feedback, you can quickly identify areas for improvement, opportunities for early intervention, and where to direct your time and attention.

And of course, we have you covered on those table stakes features too - your data is 100% owned by your organization and fully accessible and HIPAA compliant. Lastly, our expert customer support team is ready to support your team in reaching their goals.

Here are some of the ways you can use Surveys

There are many applications for Surveys, here are a few that can directly impact the service you offer and the ability to grow your business.

Pre and Post Operative Care:

Collect feedback before, during, and post care to get a complete view of the patient experience and take action to improve care, safety, retention, and growth.

1) Gather feedback on patient experiences and outcomes: Monitor and measure care and experience outcomes for patients and families using customized or validated question sets.

2) Monitor patient recovery: Keep track of patient progress with questions that allow patients to provide feedback, such as pain scores, mobility ratings, and photos of wound sites.

3) Identify top referrers: Referrals generate a large portion of your client base, so with a quick Net Promoter Score survey, you can easily identify highly satisfied patients and encourage them to share a positive review online. 

Home and Residential Health Care:

1) Get a pulse on staff wellness and happiness: So important for caregiver retention, quickly poll your caregivers to see how they feel about their job, team, clients, and your business as a whole. You can also identify which caregivers need greater support and training.

2) Identify your top promoters: A quick survey is the fastest way to gather feedback on the quality of the service you provide and to identify those clients who can be contacted for referrals.

3) Collect feedback from community partners: Poll community partners to learn how you can enhance your partnership and their network for referral business.

Every person on our team is committed to making it easier for our home and health care partners to deliver exceptional, personalized care to their clients and patients, which is why we are particularly proud of our ability to continuously deliver capabilities, such as Surveys, that truly makes a difference across the care continuum.

About the author: Mary Pat Hinton 

Mary-PatMary Pat is the CEO and co-founder of Emmetros, the creators of SparxConnect. In 2014, she left her corporate leadership role to pursue her heart-work by launching Emmetros. Driven by a commitment to honor her late grandmother, Mary Pat set out to create technology that prioritizes the independence and dignity of the person receiving care.