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Press release - September 16, 2021

SparxConnect Launches 3 Big Features that Enable Care Providers to Evaluate and Personalize their Care Services

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON - September 16, 2021 - Emmetros, a leader in inclusive and intuitive healthcare technology, bolsters its SparxConnect engagement and collaboration platform with features that enable home and healthcare providers to evaluate and optimize the care experience based on the unique needs of patients and feedback from care teams, families, and community partners.

Three significant new features: Surveys, Content Management, and Insights come together to give care administrators a way to quickly gauge the satisfaction and needs of their patients and staff, share rich content with multiple users simultaneously, and collect valuable insights regarding the health of their most important relationships.

With Surveys, care organizations can easily collect feedback, monitor patient progress, and improve patient outcomes and service quality. Some key capabilities include:

  • Having full control over questions asked - no limits.
  • Monitoring patient recovery by giving them a way to include photos and videos to show wound sites and range of motion.
  • Asking standardized sets of questions.
  • Setting parameters such as deadlines, reminders, and whether to maintain anonymity.
  • Tracking feedback in real-time and extracting results for further analysis.

The Content Management feature provides administrators with a centralized way to efficiently create, manage, and share rich content. Care administrators can easily:

  • Publish to many users at once in a variety of formats, including videos, photos, PDFs, and text-based messages.
  • See immediate feedback from users who can "like" and acknowledge content value.
  • Track overall engagement and control content access.

With Insights, administrators access a dashboard that surfaces actionable insights, not just vanity metrics. And they can easily drill into specifics from simple, interactive dashboards. Administrators will appreciate the ability to:

  • Set KPIs and easily report on performance overall or by a specific feature, content type, role, patient, and more.
  • Monitor activity and quickly identify which relationships warrant urgent attention.
  • Run a deeper analysis with a simple one-step export of the data.

"Leading care providers are looking for ways to deliver on the promise of an empowered and personalized care experience, and these new features are the tools they need to effectively and efficiently deliver on this goal." said Mary Pat Hinton, CEO, Emmetros. "At the heart of a personalized experience is asking a question, listening to the feedback, and adapting how you respond based on that feedback. The most clear and elegant way to do this is to start with a tool like Surveys. When you combine the use of Surveys with an efficient way to share educational resources and supportive messages and an insights dashboard that lets you monitor, in real time, whether you're hitting the mark with people – well, now you've got a way to know that you're building trust and delighting the heck out of people."

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