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Press release - September 23, 2020

SparxConnect Launches Collaboration Features to Support the Evolving Needs of Care Delivery

SparxConnect delivers a platform that enables personalized patient engagement and cross-functional care collaboration

WATERLOO, ON - (September 22, 2020) - Emmetros Limited, a leader in inclusive and intuitive technology, is supporting healthcare providers across the full care continuum with the expansion of the SparxConnect secure engagement and collaboration platform.

The SparxConnect architecture is unique in that it enables collaboration, coaching, and the sharing of updates with patients, family members, agencies, and care teams both within and across multiple healthcare providers including surgery clinics, home care, and continuing care organizations. 

"The pandemic has shone a bright spotlight on the urgent and ongoing need for better designed software for the frontline, essential healthcare practitioners, patients, and families to get through each day feeling well supported as they face constant change," said Mary Pat Hinton, CEO, Emmetros.  “The Care feature is a critical piece of the platform that addresses the need for ongoing real-time collaboration, insight sharing, and coaching."

Current solutions are typically limited to internal teams within one healthcare organization. At most, they provide a way for patients, and family members to have access to or share certain details about a patient. SparxConnect extends engagement, communication, collaboration, and remote monitoring across healthcare organizations providing one platform for the entire circle of care to participate in. This is especially helpful during transitions and complex episodes of care. 

The Care feature allows organizations to:

  • Access real-time collaboration, coaching, instruction, and support for caregivers, patients, and family at anytime from anywhere on a mobile device, tablet or desktop.
  • Securely onboard and integrate new team members or external contractors into day-to-day operations.
  • Collaborate with care providers from other organizations that are also providing care to a patient.
  • Give experienced and trusted team members a monitored way to provide peer mentorship.
  • Invite rehab practitioners to share resources and provide additional guidance, including videos and tips that can make a big difference to the quality of care.
  • Limit access using easy-to-set permissions.
  • Receive regular actionable insight reports from the SparxConnect team on the value of improved efficiency, coaching, and collaboration.

The addition of Care to the SparxConnect feature set provides one more way for care teams to efficiently collaborate as they engage with patients, families and the community partners that support them.

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SparxConnect evolves care delivery with a secure platform that bridges together the care continuum while enhancing engagement, collaboration, remote monitoring, analytics, and care service optimization for surgery clinics, home care, residential care, patient care, and transitions.