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Press release - February 19, 2019

Emmetros announces release of MemorySparx Connect

Product now available for forward-thinking care organizations

WATERLOO, ON - (February 19, 2019) - Emmetros Limited, a leader in inclusive software design, today announced the release of MemorySparx® Connect. MemorySparx Connect is an easy-to-use platform that helps organizations deliver exceptional person-centered care and increase efficiency – while standing apart from the competition.  

"It’s time to think differently about who is part of the care circle and how information is shared amongst those people,” said Mary Pat Hinton, CEO, Emmetros. “MemorySparx Connect is a secure online platform that will enable care teams to interact with families and each other, sharing medical and personal data that will lead to more efficient routines, happier care recipients, satisfied families, and lower staff turnover.” 

Key features of MemorySparx Connect:

  • Day – Start visits off on the right foot with a shared plan that everyone can see and contribute to. 
  • Life – Shift the conversation with unique content provided by the care recipient or their family members. Use personalized albums with photos, text, and audio to support meaningful conversation, reminiscence therapy or respectful redirection of responsive behaviors. 
  • Health – Keep track of; medical information with appointment notes, care provider contact information, a medication list and health history in one central place that’s shared only with those who need it.
  • Chat – Give the whole care team an easy way to stay in touch with a quick and secure, in-the-moment chat. 
  • Care Circles – Invite the most trusted care providers, family members or friends to participate in the care circle by sharing photos and other useful updates.  Control which team members can view health information.

MemorySparx Connect enriches the care experience by building trusted relationships that are informed by each client’s unique life story. Care organizations can enhance their service offering with innovative technology that works on any device, improving communication and collaboration without added burden to the care team.

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